Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Ashcroft Sings!
He actually has a pretty good voice, and he wrote the song himself, so I have to respect it.

Monday, February 25, 2002

Operation on Fetus's Heart Valve Called a 'Science Fiction' Success

Seems like an awful lot of trouble and expense to go through to save an "unfeeling, unviable blob of tissue."

Or maybe it's that your own fetus can be either a child or a blob of tissue depending on whatever you happen to believe, which entails that the reality is somehow dependent upon your personal belief, which is pretty much the same thing as being delusional.

And what's the theory in economics called which states that what a person says they believe is not as important as what they demonstrate that they believe by how they spend their limited resources?

Sunday, February 24, 2002

George W. Bush, Movie Star

I really have to see this documentary when it comes out. It sounds hilarious!

Sunday, February 17, 2002

As a long-time muppet fan, the creature archives here is just amazing! Be sure to click on the archives button. Does anyone actually remember Angus McGonagle, the Gargling Argyle Gargoyle? And they even have special behind-the-scenes facts for each one!

(Oh, and I KNEW that Dr. Teeth was based on Dr. John, so there!)

I am BERT.

I'm a braniac, braniac on the floor!

Which Sesame Street Character Are You?"
Trio Mocoto - These guys rock and I found their new album, oddly enough, on the Barnes and Noble listening station (they've pretty much turned the entire record section into a huge listening station). Anyway, they rock.

Am very sad to hear about Kevin Smith, though.
"Did I just walk into The Twilight Zone, or did Hollywood just release a post-9/11 film featuring an immaculately uniformed and decorated police chief as a bad guy, and a gun-wielding, hostage-taking terrorist as the hero?" review of "John Q."

Hoo! This one is so good. Mr. Greydanus is in rare form!

'But not to Shawn Hatosy (Down to You), a racist jerk who’s there to make John look more heroic, and to give him someone to beat up. Accompanying Racist Jerk is a skimpily dressed young woman who’s broken her arm, supposedly in a car crash, though it seems apparent to everyone that Racist Jerk is a batterer. Sooner or later Jerk tries to take John out, but the fight ends with Jerk on the floor and his suddenly liberated girlfriend kicking Jerk in the groin — a move that prompts Funny Black Man to whistle admiringly, “All that a-- and muscles, too!”'
Is it just me or does every Travel Channel documentary, no matter what the subject, have to have a section which features college co-eds drinking too much beer and doing a naughty dance?

Saturday, February 16, 2002

Friday, February 15, 2002

Hey! Slant Review (good job, Jane!!!) has been published (online) and my article's in it! Read about how I found and lost the Funk. I usually don't do that sort of whole self-revelatory essay genre thing, but in this case it was kind of fun!

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

I wish Blog This was working. Ever since I upgraded to IE6, it gives me javascript errors.
It's really impacting my blogging.
Though so far no one's complained.

Monday, February 11, 2002

The first Crocuses of spring!
Alan Keyes may sound like a muppet, but I really like the guy and his opinions.

"At every stage the divorce of sex from marriage, and of marriage from children the initial preoccupation with self paves the way for an unpleasant surprise when the inescapable needs of the other finally present themselves. And the most dangerous moment comes when the young spouse or parent first realizes that these relationships do not provide immediate pleasure, but rather the prospect of years of dutiful labor for another."

Hear, Hear!

Sunday, February 10, 2002

They found that the most frequent diagnoses were
cerebral palsy, developmental delay, congenital
malformation, mental retardation, chromosomal
aberration, and behavioral disorders.

Thursday, February 07, 2002

Wednesday, February 06, 2002

This rocked. An interview between Terry Gross and Gene Simmons goes horribly well. Of course the pansies at NPR won't put it on their website... and here we thought they liked being cutting-edge and extreme. But Gene Simmons wouldn't roll over for them like Alfred Molina did, that's for sure.
If Walt Kelley were alive today I think he would have, by now, created a character called "N. Ron Hubbard."
Pinhead protest prevails / Their man Zippy returns to comic page

This protest alone would've been reason enough to visit San Francisco... and I don't say that sort of thing that often ;)

Sunday, February 03, 2002

They've been running a marathon of the Abbot and Costello meet the monsters movies on AMC this past month, and the one thing that strikes me most is that even though both Abbot and Costello's characters in each movie had different names (like Mike Weatherstone and Charles Featherweight, or whatever) they still called each other Lou and Bud and Costello and Abbot in every movie.

What's up with that?
Guardian Unlimited Observer | International | Is human evolution finally over?

The fact that such a controversy exists, and neither side is provable, only reinforces the opinoin that the theory of evolution is just that: a theory.
University of Manitoba's Estrogen Study

So it appears that the environmentalists have created a bit of a predicament for themselves: they want to limit the human population to protect the environment, but the very birth-control pills they push on us may be wiping out entire fish populations.

And this may seem a little harsh, but it's for our own good: I suppose we need to ask ourselves two questions:

[Edited for content]
Excreted Drugs: Something Looks Fishy: Science News Online, June 17, 2000

So basically, hormones excreted from birth-control users have turned male fish in our streams into female fish (cuasing eggs to grow in their testes).

Since these hormones also find their way into our drinking water, just think about what effect this is having on human males and our fertility.
Our Stolen Future: Fish feminization is widespread

A story about how the birth-control pills you take are wiping out entire fish populations.

There was also an official report issued by the Canadian Fish and Wildlife Deptartment. I'll try to dig that one up.
Communities Against Toxics - ToxCat Index

A very interesting site with reports by a UK toxics watchdog group.

Friday, February 01, 2002

Our power and heat left us at 10am Thursday morning (when the neighbors' tree fell over on the power line) and we've had no heat or power since then. Anyway, we lost most of our fish. I just spent an hour draining out 50-degree water and pouring in 80-degree water in an attempt to keep the remaining two tetra and angel fish alive. We lost the clown loach, the three cardinal tetra, and Spock, our Plecostimus we'd had for nearly three years. I buried him in the yard and flushed the rest.

Poor Spock. He didn't deserve to go like this, freezing to death because someone couldn't be bothered to chop down a tree that'd been dead for two years.