Sunday, August 28, 2005

The only thing cooler than being able to buy a Logitech headset for your PS2 so you can sing duets in "Karaoke Revolution 3" is the feeling you get when you realize you can use that same headset with your PC for all your VOIP needs.

Google Sidebar, Picasa 2, and Google Earth are all cool, too, of course and much cheaper.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Yes, it is my birthday, today (thanks for remembering!). And yes, this is the big three-oh.

Honestly, a part of me never really thought I'd make it this far.... Now what?

Monday, August 22, 2005

Rest in Peace, Dr. Moog.

May the Lord grant unto you a low-pass filter with the cutoff frequency set to 20kHz and may the perpetual light of a glowing tube amp shine upon you.

Thanks to superfriend and superdad Britain, for passing along the sad news.
So pray, tell us, Lefty Loony, what's wrong with JPII's Theology of the Body?

The complex issues involved in a response to the church’s position on artificial contraception are too complex to treat in depth here, but I would simply note that there are thoughtful theological arguments that take a different position, that note the need for couples to follow their consciences on how best to plan their families, that suggest that the church’s longstanding opposition to contraception relies on an understanding of sexuality that looks to the experiences of men more than of women.

Newsflash, Loony: speaking strictly from "experience," opposition to artificial contraception is infinitely more pro-woman than it is pro-man.

Anyway, I could have picked out any paragraph of this article to post here. I'm sure you'll all have fun fisking it yourself. Oh, well. From the author's own description, it sounds like this article was written by a tired fossil, anyway; far nearer, temporally and in terms of moral relevance, to the dustbin of history than the over 1,000,000 (including my sister!) who gathered in Koln yesterday.

Still, it's as true a saying today as when the snake first spake it: Follow your own consciences, kiddies, and ye shall be as gods.