Friday, April 30, 2004 He Sends the Devil Packing

Nice article on Fr. Amorth and exorcism in general. Link via Fr. Bryce.
"The unattainable is unknown at ZOMBO COM!"

I know I've 'blogged this before (November 29, 2001), but that whole thing still cracks me up. I guess I'm just in a PoMo mood today.
gameLab: Arcadia

One of the cooler Flash/Shockwave games (billed as the first "postmodern arcade classic") I've played in a while. Not only do you get to play four retro-style arcade games, but you get to play all four at once. Skip the "Easy Game" and start with the Normal. It's more fun.

Check out gameLab's other games as well ("Loop" is another really good one and would be cool even without the Nabakov tie-in).
A quick question just occurred to me: did anyone, in any place, at any time ever find "Are You Being Served?" the least bit funny?
Java For Jesus dot com: Innovative Entertainment for the Christian Family

If I tried to entertain my family with poetry set to MIDI music, I suspect they'd shoot me. This page, though, was rather funny: Did Jesus pay a visit 'ON' a Bradenton Florida church ?

Mystery image appears on Florida church ...And how did it get there? Three workers say they found it when they washed the wall. The Palma Sola Presbyterian Church in Bradenton Florida has been the destination of many visitors who think the image on the exterior is just one more manifestation of God's Power as in Acts 2;19.

We report you decide: if God was going to put an image of Christ on the wall of a church, why wouldn't he put a halo on Himself? And I guess if God made the image then it's okay to venerate it, not like those idol-worshipping Catholics and their statues and mosaics.

Miraculous wall image
Raping Christ

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., like John Kerry a Catholic who supports abortion rights, said Thursday she will continue to ask for Holy Communion in spite of Vatican opposition to pro-choice Catholics doing so.

"I fully intend to receive Communion, one way or another. That's very important to me," Pelosi told reporters during her weekly press conference.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Has anyone seen Tom Twyker's "Heaven"? I was scanning IMDB to see what Franka was up to lately (aside from a sequel to "The Bourne Identity" -- and how's that going to work anyway? Will he forget who he is all over again? -- not much that sounds terribly interesting) and decided to check out Twyker's recent work as well ("The Princess and the Warrior" being a bit of a disappointment). Looks like he directed "Heaven" from a script by Krzysztof Kieslowski... no Franka, though. Seems like I would've heard about this movie?

But then, it's been a couple of years. If I don't hear about something, just once, and a couple of years go by, I might never hear about it. Seems to me there should just be five movie directors in the world, then I'd never have to worry about missing a good film.
So the first season of FOX's "Tru Calling" comes to a close. What began as just a kind of goofy show which happened to star Eliza Dushku actually turned into something rather interesting and watchable. They covered a lot of ground this season, including revealing quite a bit about the Jason Priestly character, Jack. When he first came in I thought "Oh, great. He's annoying" but then they started dropping subtle clues (like does he really do things differently on rewind days or is it just sloppy writing?) anyway, watch it in repeats if you have nothing better to do.

I mean, it's no Mutant Enemy production. Case in point: the characters work in a morgue and yet, to date, there have been no Whedon-esque "stiffy" jokes... or really any jokes for that matter. Some good, if not completely realized characters, though. And I like Davis' hair.
Fr. Bryce posted this a few days back, but I was too busy working to see it: European in kung-fu garb plays synthpop with robots. I didn't write that song, but I kind of wish I had. I also wish I had even a few of Kung-Fu Palooka's moves.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Weekly Angel Post

Hmm. When I think of "final six episodes of the series, forever!" I think of the final six episodes of Deep Space Nine, which have got to be the most moving, most satisfying final episodes of any television series ever: the huge war with the Dominion which has been building for the past four years finally erupts (and what was new to a Trek series at the time: they the whole glorious space combat on screen, instead of alluding to it later on), and best of all: Gul Damar goes from drunk sell-out to true hero, turning the tide of the war. Afterwards there's a big party (note to TV writers: always end your series with a big party) with Vic Fontaine at Quark's, and then it's time for sad goodbyes: O'Brien leaves the station, Kai Wynn finally comes to her senses just before getting turned into a crispy critter by the Pa Wraiths, Gul Dukat also burns up, and Captain Sisko gets trapped in the Celestial Temple indefinately. It's been five years since I watched the final six episodes of DS9 and most of it sticks with me (and I guess they're running the reruns on SpikeTV now, so I'll be able to reaquaint myself with the series, which is proably my most favorite TV series, overall, though there is no way in heck I'm spending $100/season on the DVDs, when there are really only a handful of episodes per season I'd really want to see again). The most amazing thing, of course, was that DS9, unlike Angel and the other Mutant Enemy productions, had never bought into the multi-episode story arcs (that was Babylon 5 territory, and probably the reason why I never got into B5... by the time I "discovered" it, I had no idea who anyone was or what they were doing. And it wasn't Trek).

Anyway, that's the way to end a show right. And tonight, on Angel, we get a very good episode (written by Ben Edlund, so you know it's funny). It would've worked great as, say, episode six this season. But as the fourth-to-final episode? What's the big twist: Angel turns a girl over to the demons? We might have believed this earlier in the season, but now we know something's up because Angel, post reunion with Cordelia, is fighting the good fight again and it's just frustrating to watch (and not the good kind of mind-er, messing-with frustrating either). Also what's the point of having Elyria softened up to join the team (which as near as I can tell was the whole point of this episode) if the team only has three hours left?

And what's with Adam Baldwin? He was good as Jayne in Firefly, but he seems to have given his character here so many unconvincing nervous ticks that it's like watching someone ... well, it's really awful anyway. I keep trying to find some nuance that I'm overlooking in his performance, and there's just none there. It's just laughably bad acting which is several notches below anything we've seen in Angel before (with the exception of the old guy in the old guy switcheroo episode in Season 3, and this season's Canadian Werewolf Girl who was obviously not hired for her acting ability. If they bring her back in the final three episodes I shall vomit).

But still, I laughed, I liked some of the effects, and SPOILER ALERT! the entire crew gets wiped out which was kind of neat to see. So overall grade, if it were not the fourth-to-final episode would be a A-/B+, but since it IS in fact the fourth-to-last episode, it gets a C.
Right now I'm listening to the most recent (okay, only) release from Metric, "Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?", which was part of the Last Amazon Order for a Long While. I wanted to buy a CD by a band I'd never heard of but just found serendipitously on

I've only made it through the first two tracks, but my initial impressions that it's very good synthpop-influenced pop-rock (are they like a more new-wavey Cranberries? A more subdued Garbage? Maybe I don't know enough about music these days to compare them to anyone, or maybe they're just incomparable. If you know who Paul Haines was, the poet, among other things, than the lead singer/songwriter/keyboardist is his daughter). So far, after listening to the first two tracks I give them 4 stars (out of 5) for musicianship, singing, and composition, but I give the overall mastering quality of the CD (at least as the tracks have translated into .mp3 format) 3 out of 5 stars. Recommended so far, but will have more to say on it later. In the meantime, don't expect anything profound (most of the songs are about dead club scenes), but it's fun.

Plus you have to love any release where the graphic designer messes up the track order on the back of the CD cover (nice digipak) so they enclose a page of stickers, including a correct track listing to stick over the back of the cover ("Now you're a professional graphic designer"). One also questions the wisdom of putting the band's URL on the inside cover, and not on the back cover where folks can see it before they buy it. But this is all record label stuff... we can only hope for a major label release of Metric in the near future.
The old 'BlogTones index page is available here. Like I said, it's my first Flash app and a work in progress. I'll probably add a list to the HTML page or the .swf so if it doesn't work for you you'll still be able to match the tone and the 'blog.

Monday, April 26, 2004


Now YOU can curse and swear and be generally obscene in 79 different languages!

(ps. Since all 79 languages are translated into English, expect to see obscene English words at this site. That is all).

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Oh, and today I am a happy man: Kevin loaned me the "S-E-X-X-Y" and "Snail Shell" EPs so now I finally can listen "Mrs. Train" and "SenSurround" whenever I want. Yay!

I'm a little out of it today, speaking of Kevin, because last night was the 2004 Ann Arbor Smithee Awards. While watching and voting on clips from outrageously bad movies (in 19 different categories), I drank way too much diet coke, some sort of energy drink, and then, as a night-cap (around 12:30 AM which is very late for me these days) a huge, giant bubble tea (boba tea, look it up). Anyway, the boba tea place in Ann Arbor was packed, even at 12:30 by all these college students. And what were they doing? If you guessed "playing Jenga" you're right. Crazy kids.

Of course the real high-point of the evening was hanging on South U. with the old crew, which is Britain. We've been hanging out on South U. since 1991, and the place has changed remarkably little. Okay, so instead of 3 record stores, it now has none, and instead of 3 video arcades it still has one: Pinball Pete's which, since the owners seem to (along with the rest of the arcade industry) have dumped fighting games in favor of rhythm games, was populated with a lot more women than it ever was in my adolescence. Pool also seemed to be pretty popular, as well. And none of the kids were smoking, either. Forthcoming in this space will be a brief analysis of why we Gen Xers should be so proud of how screwed-up we are, compared to the generations which came and are coming after us. Watch for that.

Anyway, by my count it was about seven months since Britain and I had hung out together which is completely my fault and way, way too long. I think one's friends can really play a part in reminding one who one is. When we don't see them for a while, one's sense of self can tend to drift one way or the other.

"I don't want to be first in line to see Mrs. Train
I expect that it doesn't matter to Mrs. Train
Being comfortable with yourself
And being patient and taking your time
Are the things that Mrs. Train can understand "
FYI... today is some sort of 'Blogger "love-in" where you're supposed to tell all the 'bloggers whose 'blog you read that you love them.

I guess I don't understand anything anymore.
I've officially launched the new 'BlogTones page. It's still got that one weird bug in IE, but it's my first Flash app and I'm pretty proud of it. Check it out.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

I'm working on a cool new interface for the 'BlogTones page. Entirely scripted in Flash, it's shaping up to be pretty cool (there's still a couple of things I need to debug, and I need to find some way of getting the first 17 'blogtones off the old computer, but other than that, it's coming along nicely).

Should be done by Sunday, I hope. If you absolutely can't wait, check it out here (with only a fraction of the 'BlogTones loaded, mind you). For some reason in IE it only gives you the 'blog name and URL the first time you click on the button, and not with subsequent presses of the same button. In Netscape/Mozilla (and in Flash Player) it works properly. Weird. Still considering it's my first Flash app, I think it's pretty neat-o (it reads the 'blogname and URL from the ID3 tags of the .mp3 files!).

Friday, April 23, 2004

Because Meredith mentioned it, and even though he's not appearing in Iron Chef America, Hooray for Kobe-San!

It's still a fun song, I think. Some of my better, more inspired, work; recorded back before I knew what I was doing (January, 2001).
"Daring toddler ladder rescue" wasn't on my list of things to do this week, but it's all part of the job, I guess.
Okay, I know I shouldn't be so excited about Iron Chef America (it would've been a lot cooler three years ago), but I just am. I hope Sakai wipes the floor of Kitchen Arena or whatever they're calling it with Bobby Flay.


(Sorry, that just kind of came out on it's own).

Anyway, let's see Mario try and beat Morimoto without Rooney to help him.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

If I had an Amazon wishlist and were begging people to buy me stuff off of it, this book would be on it. I checked it out at Borders today and it's a pretty cool-looking book.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Is it just me or does anyone else think the "Goodbye Song" from Bear in the Big Blue House, with a minor modification or two, could be a big hit at funerals?

If I ever do a "real" album which can afford "covers" of licenced material, I want to put that song on it.
Weekly Angel Post

Best. Episode. Ever. Or close to it, anyway. I'd been moping for the past two years (since season 3, episode 17), wondering if we'd ever see Sahjhan again, because wasn't Connor supposed to kill him and it was very anticlimatic when Justine (remember her?) trapped him in a jar. So when they were talking about some old enemy, I was like "Woohoo! SAHJHAN!" and then it turned out to be the Jamie Kennedy Xperiment-looking old guy instead. But he was cool, too. And then Sahjhan came out, and that was awesome.

Also, I really loved what Tim Minear did with Connor in the final episode of season 4, but it's always sad when everyone on a show has their memories altered. This episode took care of both of those concerns and did it very well (Connor's choice at the end of this episode one-ups even his final scene in that last episode of season 4). Smurf Fred is also turning out to be a compelling character. Hanging out with her has to be kind of like having an angry Introduction to Philosophy course that is always high follow you around.

Anyway, A+++. Episodes like this just make the impending end of the series that much more sad.

PS. We're boycotting American Idol. America voted off Jennifer Hudson and so America is dumb and has no taste but worst of all, America made George Huff cry.

All new 'Blogtone. Will tell you who it's for as soon as I learn if they like it or not.

Update: Halsted enjoys the 'BlogTone. 22 down, 12 to go....
Sacred Miscellany

A great 'blog about Catholicism and Music. Very proportionate.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Do you know what's really sad? Probably even at 'blogging, the least significant activity in my life, I've already peaked.

Sigh... enjoy the trip down, folks!

I was checking for new hits on "Victor Lams" as I am wont to do and it looks like my uncle (also named Victor J. Lams -- that name being a family tradition which my dad kept, but my uncle -- and I -- broke, for now anyway) is having his book on Newman's sermons published: Newman's Anglican Georgic: Parochial Sermons. My uncle lives in California and I don't see him that often, but I recall the last time I saw him (possibly at either my own wedding or my cousin's wedding) he explained his idea for this book to me: that Newman's (that's John Henry Cardinal, folks) sermons themselves, when presented in toto represented something more than just a collection of sermons: something akin to the Georgics, I believe (if my memory serves me correctly, which it usually doesn't, which is why I keep this 'blog). Anyway, Peter Lang Publishing Group is publishing this book, but I don't know when, so definitely check it out.

Since I've never read Clarissa, which is the subject of my uncle's previous two books, this will definitely be the one I'll pick up.
I guess the only thing that really amazes me about the terrible and tragic Columbine shootings is that they don't happen more often.

Monday, April 19, 2004

One of our favorite new programs is Samauri Sportsman on OLN, the Outdoor Life Network.

It's difficult to describe the show except to say that it comes on on Saturday evenings at 9:30 and looks to have a budget of about five dollars. Every week Samauri Yoshi meets up with an expert in an American outdoors sport (we've seen the fly-fishing and steer-rasslin' episodes so far) and attempts to master that sport.

It's funny without being denigrading and is not a bad way to spend 1/2 an hour.
Forget understanding crazy kooks: Petco exchanges those animals, leasing others so everyone remains safe.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Some Good News

(Albeit, a few days late in the reporting of it).

From Right to Life of Michigan:

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing submitted 460,034 signatures to the Elections Division of the Michigan Secretary of State’s office on April 15. The People’s Override petition drive initiates legislation to outlaw partial birth abortions in Michigan. It will be the people who ultimately override Governor Jennifer Granholm’s veto of the Legal Birth Definition Act. The Legal Birth Definition Act, if not vetoed by Gov. Granholm, would have outlawed partial birth abortions in Michigan.

The People’s Override is in response to the outpouring of concern for children who are in the process of being born. Governor Granholm’s veto of the Legal Birth Definition Act showed her radical pro-abortion position. The results of The People’s Override in just three short months show where the people of Michigan stand. We want children to be protected.

A special "thank you" to the thousands of prolife volunteers who gathered signatures to outlaw partial birth abortion. Thank you for your fortitude and for being defenders of truth and life .

After the signatures are verified by the Elections Division of the Michigan Secretary of State’s office, the Michigan Board of Canvassers will give their approval and will present the legislation to the Michigan House and Senate. When the petition language is approved by the legislature, it will become law and cannot be vetoed by Governor Granholm. In addition, the language will not have to appear on the ballot for a public vote.

The Michigan House and Senate approved the partial birth abortion ban last year and Governor Granholm vetoed it -- at 4:15pm on a Friday, to minimize media coverage of her veto (a smart move whenever you want to punk your constituents): you'll recall that Granholm is one of those "faithful Catholics" who are "personally opposed but...". Hopefully RTL can parlay this into some meaninful future gains (particularly around the 2006 elections timeframe).

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Where's Victor?

We're at that fine Michigan vacation destination, Up North, visiting Jackie's folks who not only have a great place up here but a great sense of hospitality, as well (though unfortunately only a dial-up Internet connection. I never remembered 46k being quite this slow). Fairly interesting: the roaming priest who celebrated Mass at the local Parish (which is pastorless) was two years ahead of Fr. Bryce at the American College in Rome. Apparently there are some Fr. Bryce stories which haven't appeared on "A Saintly Salmagundi" yet.... Unfortunately the occasion did not lend itself well to the telling of those stories.

Anyway, happy Divine Mercy Sunday!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Some very nice sound collages.
Ween's "Where'd the Cheese Go?", the Lego music video.

Here both versions of the song here. (Version 2 contains some unsavoury language).

Also: Lego Chicken Dance!

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Blogger is being hilarious and ate my weekly Angel post. I'm not going to bother to retype it except to say that we really enjoyed tonight's episode. A lot of cool stuff happened: Gunn is stuck in suburban Hell, where his heart is ripped out in the cellar every day (it's 2! 2! 2 Hells in one!), Fred is still dead and blue, Wesley waxes all moody FOR AN ENTIRE EPISODE (and doesn't shoot anyone), Harmony is in the main title credits now, Lorne actually does something useful (though I can't remmeber exactly what it is), Angel and Spike are good friends now, which is cool, AND another Firefly alumn joins the show (is it just me or did anyone else expect Adam Baldwin to start in with the "Misterrr Anderson!" bit?) OH! AND they managed to work in a funny reference to Anya's shrimp dimension.

And there was a pretty cool fight. And a shootout with a 10-year-old shooting an Uzi. So, overall grade is A+ because I'm in such a good mood.
Cool! Amanda at Ye Olde Booke Designe Blogge likes the song "Robot Love"! Jackie did the cover design, so really it's a shout-out for her.

Robot Johnny also likes it! And he can really cartoon, too... Which I, as someone who cannot draw, find discouraging.

Thanks for the shout out, my peeps, and thanks for introducing me to the art and whimsy that is Robot Johnny.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Robert Diaz pointed me in this direction:

Society for a Moratorium on the Music of Marty Haugen and David Haas

Long overdue, if you ask me. I officially named Marty Haugen my nemesis back in August, 2001. Two years later I tore "All Are Welcome" a new song-hole.

So, yes, this is long overdue. Though if I were naming it, I would've called it the "Society to Hit Marty Haugen and his Cheap-Ass Guitar with a Bus".

It's no coincidence that the main villian in my upcoming (if I ever finish it) Fr. Bryce cartoon looks like Haugen.
Stupid war... Stupid terrorists... Stupid President Bush... not only does his prez conference bump American Idol tonight, it also pushes 24 to Sunday night which bumps Arrested Development to who knows where. I find no joy in this.

Update: The press conference wasn't all that bad. It was no American Idol though, that's for sure. I do, however, hope America votes Don Gonyea off the show next week. What a freak.

I'm Justin Katz' "Song You Should Know" this week!

It's the "The Video Store Song" again. This is probably one of the better tracks on "Robot Love" and ironically the only one which I sometimes wish I'd left off the album (in order to make the album explicity kid friendly).

Live and learn!
New free .mp3 at, "The Spine Surfs Alone". Apparently it will not be on their new CD, "The Spine", but will be released on a special companion EP. Got that?

Monday, April 12, 2004


Excuse me, but I'm still grappling desperately with the realization that I'm no longer the "most favored generation" any more. Where are all the funny Ben Stiller movies? Is it true: is Frank Whaley really in his 40s? The '80s are still the pentultimate in tacky, retro culture, right?

Let's make one thing perfectly clear: all this hopeful optimism Gen-Y supposedly embodies would NEVER have been possible without the embittered cynicism we Gen-Xers showed to our (but not my in particular) boomer progenitors. They're called "Gen-Y" for a reason -- they come AFTER us. We tore down the lies for them. All they have to do is claim the flag of truth and beauty and whatever which we're too tired (you know, after working two jobs to pay the mortgage) to hoist ourselves.

Sigh... I remember back about five years ago when my wife worked in consumer research and this whole Gen-Y thing was just something someone invented to sell more cars. Ah, Gen-X we hardly knew ye.
I blame TV

Mommy: 'Xander! Pick up your books!

'Xander: (waving his hands at a rather large pile of books) There. All better.
Via RC: "Get Your Praise On"

At these new booze-free nightclubs, DJs spin and patrons shake in the name of Jesus Christ. No dirty dancing allowed .... "The quality [of Christian music] today is so much better," says Bud Cool, who's hoping to start a club in St. Louis. "You don't have to be a dork if you're a Christian."

But it helps!! Ha ha. Seriously... hm. Christian music today is so much better. Yeah, because you know that Palestrina guy only wrote crap. Please. When Prince starts playing these clubs, give me a call.

And yes, I know that day may not be far off.
I guess I'm as voyeuristic as the next guy, but this still really creeped me out.

Thanks Burger King (and Meredith) for making poultry revolting again.
Yes, that is indeed the Catholic Ragemonkey 'blogtone down there (good call, Dave!). And if that makes you too happy, consider this: I just learned that John and Rebecca Romajin Stamos broke up.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter!

(Or: the sort of thing that your parents will just love bringing out to show your girlfriend 16 years from now)

Xander Bunny!
Here's the latest 'blogtone. See if you can guess which 'blog it's for. It's also the first ever 'blogtone in Flash format. This should let our Mac fans access these that much more easily. If you are in the possesion of an older 'blogtone and want to upgrade to the Flash 'blogtone, let me know!

Note: for some perverse reason, I can't get this to display in Internet Exploder. Will continue to try and figure out what's wrong.
Christ the Lord is risen today! Alleluja!

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Ever wonder if something is either the most brilliant thing you've ever seen or the most crappy?

Vertical Hold: Christian Animation

I guess I'd need to buy the $15 DVD to be certain which it is. The preview tells me nothing, except that the artist is probably Terry Gilliam on crack. Check out this cool pictoral essay on the relationship between "messed" and "up".
Moostafa's Mecca of Appliance Repair

Hello, my friend, how are you? I am fine, thank you. Welcome to the Mecca of appliance repair. I am your host, Moostafa. You are invited to post your most intimate appliance problems here and together we shall wage holy war on your broken appliance.

This weekend's Jihad was against the Gas stove/range (again). Of course all the parts stores are closed, so it's a wait getting the part (spark module) shipped from from Sears.
The Star Eater

A very cute cartoon. 'Xander loved it, Jackie loved it, and I love it, too. Video interview with Lalo Schifrin

Very nice and brief interview with Lalo Schifrin, who is perhaps my favorite theme composer. I can't get into a car anymore without hearing the Bullitt theme in my head.
A very insightful article (yes, can be insightful, when they stick to what they know) as to what's wrong with "American Idol" and, even more importantly, how to fix it.

As long as George Huff makes it to the final 2, Jackie and I will be very happy. George Huff is THE MAN. He has the biggest voice I've just about ever heard, and can control it so effortlessly. Plus he looks so goofy and happy after he performs it's impossible not to like him. Jennifer Hudson is much the same way.

John "Corale Boy" Stevens on the other hand....

Monday, April 05, 2004

This is not a 'blog entry. This is a public service. Mark Maier is 'blogging again (the service is to you, the public, not to Mark). Check him out. He has registered the absolute coolest domain name (dot com).

Sunday, April 04, 2004

FOX -- The Family Channel

The post immediately below reminded me of something else I wanted to say about Fox. On Fox we generally watch The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, Bernie Mac, Arrested Development, Cracking Up, and Wonderfalls.

Now that's six shows we watch on what has traditionally been the "extreme" or "envelope-pushing" network. And what do all six of these shows have in common? In all of them, the parents, the moms and dads, are married -- to each other. Homer really loves Marge, Lois really loves Hal, Bernie really loves Wanda, Molly Shannon really loves that Shooter McGavin guy, Jaye's dad really loves her mom (and Jaye and her dad really love each other, too -- I really liked the portrayal of that father/daughter relationship in last week's Wonderfalls episode), and well, Michael Bluth is a widower (though his parents seem to love each other, through all the wackiness).

Does this seem encouraging or at least noteworthy to anyone else? That the "edgy" Fox sitcoms (ie. the "anti-Fraisers") are all pro-family now? I think it's awesome.

ps. We also watch 24 and Tru Calling but their families don't fit the traditional nuclear family model (Jack Bauer's wife was killed by a coworker with whom he'd had an affair and Tru's dad arranged to have her mom killed) I wanted to discuss in this post, so I left them out ;).
Apropos to nothing, I have to say that both Jackie and I have enjoyed the first four episodes of "Wonderfalls" that we've caught on Fox. The show isn't perfect, but it is very funny, very cool, and the writing is rarely very sloppy. Another neat thing is that the "gimmick" if you will, does not take center stage. The talking animals set Jaye out on her path, and the rest is up to her, and it's pretty cool the way it all works out. Plus Jaye is just so awesome in her own abrasive way. All in all, it's the best hope for our Thursday nights and the show depicts a world I would not mind inhabiting.

So, since it's on Fox, I guess it gets nine episodes before it disappears forever.
The new TMBG EP, "Indestructible Object", arrived in the mail yesterday and is very good. There's a lot of new stuff on there I hadn't heard before (well, okay, the EP has five songs and I'd only heard two of them before on TMBG's streaming audio "Clock Radio").

Highlights include "Am I Awake?", which showcases John Linnell on vocals (and I'm fairly certain he wrote it, too) is the themesong for TLC's "Resident Life" (not to be confused with Capcom's "Resident Evil", the "4" of which is looking pretty awesome from the screenshots I've seen). "Memo to Human Resources" and "Au Contraire" are both new tunes and build on the group's past pop successes and take them in a slightly new direction. There's a new version of "Ant" which features a brass combo, arranged not unlike the Dirty Dozen Brass band, though rather more polished. A very nice reworking of that classic tune. And then there's a cover of a Beach Boys' tune, also done with the brass combo, "Caroline, No" (which you'd have heard if you listed to TMBG's appearance on NPRs Studio 360).

So this should hold me over until their album (apparently, though I haven't listed to it, according to this broadcast, the new album is going to be called "The Spine") comes out this summer. ALSO, this summer, Jackie and I are going to see them in concert in Ann Arbor for our anniversary. Fun stuff.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

So what happens when you stretch Beethoven's 9th Symphony out to 24 hours? 9 Beet Stretch, that's what.

Download mp3s here or stream Real Audio from here.
John Flansburgh has a radio show!!!
My new favorite workout video. A blast from the past.... And if you remember the Activision classic for the NES, "A Boy and his Blob" you'll probably appreciate this.

The best old-SNES-based-Flash animation to date, though, has to be Super Mario Reloaded (first movie on that page). Yes, it is what you think it is: the entire 100x Agent Smith vs. Neo fight scene only with Mario and Luigi. Apparently the author created 3,000 sprites for that movie. Poor fellow, but it works!
We did it! We did it!

Thanks to months of preparation and prayer, I have passed my Project Management Professional certification exam (with room to spare). In about four weeks I'll get my PMP pin in the mail. I guess I need to get the PMP hat and learn how to do the PMP strut and slap on my own.