Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Katie of Doubleshot Thoughts (and just what is in that shot glass, hmmmm?) gets down with her bad self and delivers this PC version of "Goodnight Moon".

It will certainly exceed whatever expectation may have been created in your mind by my inadequate intro above. A++

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Listening to the entries for this month's KVRAudio contest, cheesy music, and this entry cracked both myself and 'Xander up.

Friday, November 25, 2005

SUSE Linux Update

So it's been maybe three days or so since I installed SUSE Linux on an old Windows 98 box I had lying around and so far I've...

1) Reconnected and mounted my old hard drive with all my old music data on it

2) Learned that I can't write to my external USB/Firewire drive because it's an NTFS disk and linux won't write to NTFS because it might wreck it

3) By randomly clicking on things, I've set up the linux box as a Samba server and gotten Windows XP home to recognize it as a network drive and so I've copied over all the data from the old hard disk to the external drive (connected to the XP box). Now I can put all my mp3s on the hard disk in the linux box.

4) Set up SHOUTcast server running on the linux box so that, within my home LAN, I can listen to streaming mp3s ("Radio Free Victor" is finally a reality).

Fun stuff.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I try not to blatantly link steal from Meredith anymore, but this one is just too, too good.

Mario Unleashed: Mario, Luigi, Peach (and Toad!) meet the Marimba at a High School Talent Show.

Quite simply the best thing on the 'net at the moment. Somewhere in Japan a man named Koji must be very, very proud.
I've had enough.

We've had a Windows 98SE machine sitting around for over two years now, literally collecting dust. The OS was completely hosed (it seemed to pick at random the screen resolution at which it'd boot, it would recognize any of my external drives, and even though the Ethernet NIC is good -- I know this because I booted it once with Knoppix, wouldn't recognize any sort of networking protocol under Windows.

So I'm installing SUSE Linux v10 from Novell. So far it's been going very smoothly. I disconnected the power from the additional drive I had in the box, just to be safe, though (even though you can set which disk it writes to, I didn't want to take any chances with my old song data). Anyway, fun stuff. I'm finally entering the 1970s.

Update: Okay, so SUSE is done installing and now it's downloading updates off the net. Already I love it. I can't believe I waited this long to download and install it and get some use out of this box (future video and music server/'Xander's sandbox, perhaps?). I can now hear in my head Denis' voice saying "Argh! I told you you were stupid. I kill you!"

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The latest on Katelyn Sills' bogus expulsion.

Probably the most bald-faced and cowardly display of religious persecution in recent memory. The fact that it's being undertaken by an allegedly "catholic" high school against a Catholic student just makes it that much more scandalous.

My dance hit about the whole systemic problem is on its way. Music's 'bout done, just need some more words. It may be some more weeks, though, because this one is like over five minutes long.

Friday, November 18, 2005

They Might Be Giants has begun to post videos from their new DVD/CD release "Venue Songs" (songs written for each of the venues on their 2004 "The Spine" tour). Check out Albany. Both song and video are brilliant.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

We love Target, don't get me wrong. On our salary, undercut as it is by unrealistically high income taxes and the bottom dropping out of our country's manufacturing base thanks to our ungodly trade deficit, it's the only way we can afford imported and cheaply-made home furnishings and plastic doo-dads.

But I also likes it when people say "Merry Christmas" to me (the one nice thing, and I guess there may be others, about America moving towards recognizing Spanish as an official language and having to have all the signs and packaging labeled in both languages is that I have yet to see "Happy Holidays" rendered in that language), so I signed this petitiion. Since I value living, I'm not going anywhere near a Target or anything else retail that weekend anyway.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I guess since it's up at iTunes, the cat is out of the bag and I can spill the beans: Fr. Bryce is back: this time in convenient podcast form.

Lesser podcasts beware.

And thanks for the shout out, Fr. Bryce! You are The Padre.
I never ceases to amaze me how the web works. For some reason, just in the last two months, these four songs have become more popular (around 200-300 downloads a month each so far in October and November). What's odd is that these songs were never particularly popular when I first uploaded them (especially "Sing Me", which is probably deeper than anyone realizes). Who knows why people are listening to them now.
Here's another site we've been working on: Archived Assets.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

The California Guitar Trio's Bert Lams has a 'blog. I'm pretty sure he's a far distant cousin of mine (he's of Flemish decent, his last name is Lams), but I'm not sure how we're related.

Anyway, that's a pretty good band site, there, with 'blogs and photos from every show they've done so far this year.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Here's a headline for ya...

Lams openly declares Maureen Martin brilliant.

As if anyone cared what I thought...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Walmart hates Christmas.

I mean really, really, really hates Christmas. And by extension, if this is true, Walmart hates Christians. So by extension, again if this is true at all, Walmart hates me and my entire family, so Walmart gets none of our money this year. It all goes to Costco. Sorry, rapin' corporate heirs of Sam Walton, but it is indeed a wide, wide world and if we want to widen our country's trade gap by buying cheap, imported Chinese goods, there is no end to the places from which we may purchase said goods.

Of course, the impact of their email is somewhat lessened by the fact that the Christmas colors are not red and white (those just the colors we wacky fundamentalists put on the candycanes so they remind us of hallucinogenic mushrooms) and I could go on but I just emailed Dan Fogleman and feel better now.
Cool story about the new mayor of Hillsdale, MI.

And now the wake-up call: when I started college at Hillsdale, hizzoner was 5 years old.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


My esteem for Patrick Warburton (video) has grown even above it's already very high levels. The only way it could grow from here is if he somehow wound up playing Ash's brother in an Evil Dead sequel.

Robert Davi also supported it. He was a great Jen'ai Commander in Stargate: Atlantis last season. I haven't played it, but I would imagine he was good in GTA: VC, too.

Anyway, check out the Proposition 73 page for some truly horrifying information (especially those calls where abortion "counselors" "counsel" 13-year-olds into covering up statutory rape). If you wonder why we're all so screwed, that's a big part of the reason why.
If you could find some way to bottle Stevie's MiniMoog bass sound in "So What The Fuss?" and sell it, you would make a FORTUNE. That track is like a master class in the tastiest synth bass, ever (sorry, Bernie).

Anyway, the whole new album is very good (kind of a weird meld of "Conversation Peace" and "Talking Book") and I'll have more to say on it soon.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

From Britain:

Metafilter at the end of the world.
Victor's Triumphant Return to Songwriting

After a brief hiatus, I am BACK. This is for the November, 2005, KVR contest the theme of which is "Easy & Cheesy in the Lo-Fi Lounge", so I present the nouveau lounge opus....

Bossa No. 6 [1:50, 1.69MB .mp3 format]

Yep. It's about a guy falling down the stairs. Deal with it.
Ray Kurzweil's nice tribute to Bob Moog.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

If this is as it seems the faculty of that school is guilty of the worst kind of moral cowardice and dickheadedness.

I am SO writing a song about this.
WWII as a BF 1942 chat channel

Link via Mark Shea.