Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hello, is this thing on?

Okay, so here's the latest: I'm thinking of releasing a couple of direct-to-digital-distribution (think iTunes and Rhapsody, because that's where they'd show up) albums. No real definite plans, but one would be a 20+ song retrospectacle of the weirder tunes I've done over the last few years, maybe another would be a Love Hive EP (you know you want it), and a third still (maybe next year, early 2009) would be "Catechism Rock: The Album" finally. And then maybe also next year an album of all new stuff (I think "In Bed" is dead, but maybe I could get some friends together and make some real music).

So is there any interest in something like this? The only other plan I have at this point is releasing albums on custom-printed USB sticks. Don't make me do that...